Flexible Epoxy
   National Grid Company's Elstree Sub-station.
 Flexible Epoxy
DCP's Strongcoat Provides Bund Wall Protection for Transformer Station
The sealing of enlarged and improved bunded areas within a transformer station against the leakage of oil has been achieved by the use of Don Construction Products' Strongcoat FHB elastomeric membrane, selected for both its superior toughness and durability.
Upgrading of the bunded areas was undertaken as part of a replacement programme of equipment at the National Grid Company's Elstree Sub-station. The new transformers hold cooling oil which could offer a threat to surface water drainage systems in the event of a leak unless the bunds are completely sealed.
As well as foot traffic, scaffolding is sometimes erected in the bunds for overhauling of the transformers. After priming with Strongcoat Primer, two coats of Strongcoat FHB was applied across the floor and walls up to a height of 150mm, with fine non-slip aggregate being sprinkled into the first coating. The membrane was considered strong enough to obviate the need for further protection during such operations, its elastomeric qualities coping with any movement in the construction joint between the new and old concrete.
The specification of DCP products on a trial basis was by the National Grid Companys' Project Management Civil Design department and installation was carried out by Cemplas Ltd as specialist sub-contractors to Stephen Russell Construction, main contractors for the upgrading of transformer civil engineering works.

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