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    Andovers Chantry Centre
 Carpark Decking
Welcome to the Chantry Centre
The car park serving Andovers Chantry Centre has recently undergone a refurbishment using Don Construction Products' coating systems to provide improved appearance for customers.
The plain, drab concrete surfaces have been transformed by the use of high-performance coatings to soffits, columns and some decks to create a lighter, brighter and more welcoming environment. With the car park being the initial contact between customer and shopping facility, centre Manager, Joe Azzopardi was keen to ensure that first impressions counted. Joe commented "feedback from shopping centre users has been positive".
REPCOAT , a water-based acrylic coating was applied to all levels by airless spray to soffits and columns to provide a durable finish that improves light levels in the car park. Repcoat is also an excellent anti-carbonation coating that contributes to the long-term protection of the concrete. Decks on four of the most heavily used levels were coated using DCP's advanced Gripdeck deck waterproofing system incorporating the clients required colour scheme of grey traffic aisles, blue parking bays and red pedestrian walkways. The use of colour is important in promoting separation of traffic and people, and is a major factor in safety and user-friendliness in an environment that many people find disconcerting. Gripdeck is a durable system that also provides long-term protection against the ravages caused by ingress of water.

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