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Cement Screed and Self-Levelling Floor Screed

Tough Enough for Hard Rock Café
Don Construction Products' high performance Cemflow Topping cement screed and Strongcoat epoxy resin floor coatings provide a tough, durable and hygienic floor for the latest Hard Rock Café outlet in The Cube retail and leisure development in Leeds.
Although the floor area was less than 400 m², the client demanded a high quality cement screed finish in a short time, with activities co-ordinated to the requirements of main contractor.
Work commenced with the application of Cemflow Primer to the existing subfloor to promote the adhesion of a 6 mm layer of Cemflow Topping. More commonly used in industrial applications, Cemflow Topping is a cement-based product that has outstanding abrasion resistance - it achieves 'Special Class' category when tested to BS8204: Part 2: 1999.
The topping was then covered by a single coat of Strongcoat WD forming the wear layer to the floor for the duration of the other building work. A solvent-free, water-based epoxy resin coating, Strongcoat WD has good resistance to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Finally, Strongcoat HB surface coating was applied in three custom-blended colours - Chocolate Brown, Red Oxide and Yellow - to match Hard Rock Café's corporate livery. Applied in two coats to provide a seamless and hygienic finish, Strongcoat HB is a solvent-free, high build epoxy resin coating again more commonly used for its excellent durability in light-to-medium wear situations in industrial, commercial and retail applications.
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