Concrete Repair
   Chipping Norton Water Tower
 Concrete Repair
DCP Advises on Repair Work at Damaged Water Tower
When contractors were challenged with repairing the exterior of an Oxfordshire water tower in a state of disrepair - spalling concrete and exposed reinforcing bars - they immediately invited Don Construction Products' technical team to find a high performance and cost effective solution.
After a visit to Chipping Norton water tower, DCP recommended the application of its high performance polymer modified repair products for vertical applications: Cempatch Primer, Cempatch LW lightweight repair mortar and Repcoat elastomeric concrete coating. A technical representative also conducted additional visits to advise and oversee product application.
After Cempatch Primer was brush applied as both reinforcement protection and as a bonding agent, Cempatch LW repair mortar was hand / trowel applied to reprofile the damaged areas of the towers water container.
Two coats of Repcoat, an anti-carbonation, were then airless spray applied to both decorate and protect the cement, and because of Repcoats thixotropic composition, overspray was minimal.
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